1. Consent Form

Fantasy Sports Research Study

You are being invited to participate in a research study designed to investigate the motives and behaviors of fantasy sports users. This study is being conducted as part of a graduate thesis course at Endicott College. All surveys will be used for educational purposes.

There are no known risks if you decide to participate in this research study. There are no costs to you for participating in the study. The questionnaire will take about approximately two minutes to complete. The information collected may not benefit you directly, but the information learned in this study should provide more general benefits.

This web-based survey is anonymous. Each survey will be assigned a number and you will not be asked for your name at any point in the survey. No one will be able to identify you or your answers, and no one will know whether or not you participated in the study.

Your participation in this study is voluntary. By completing the survey you are voluntarily agreeing to participate. You are free to decline to answer any particular question you do not wish to answer for any reason.

Thank you for your time and effort, it is appreciated.

Nick Ricci

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