* 1. Please tell us about yourself

* 2. How helpful would the following services be to you and your leadership team?

  Not Interested  (wouldn't be helpful) Somewhat interested (may be helpful to me or my church) Very interested (I would like to be included)
Church Residency:  Hosting a Church Planter or Staff
UNLEASH UTAH (Feb 10, 2018):  One Day IC Vision & Growth Planning with 5-6 of your key leaders
Intentional Growth Planning & Coaching for one year
Strategy Meetings & Retreats: Church Multiplication
Refuge Retreat:  Unplug from Ministry with 5 days of rejuvenation (Tent. Mid-Late Aug 2018)
Understanding Utah Culture Class & Curriculum
Regular Regional Network Gatherings (6-10 times annually)
Twice Annual Church Planting Summit
Equip Lay Ministry Training Day
Kingdom Collaboration:  Multiple Churches planting together
Sustainable Solutions for Worship & Ministry Space
Attending Exponential West (Oct 2-4, 2018)
Access to guest speakers for Sundays

* 3. What educational topics would be most helpful to you in the coming year?

* 4. Is there any other service that Loving Utah could provide that would help you or your church?