We need your help and about 3 minutes of your time.

Many deer hunters struggle with improving their deer hunting skills so they can harvest bigger and better mature bucks, they have skill gaps. 

Imagine having all the skills necessary to harvest the mature buck you only see off season. It could be as simple as you don't know what you don't know, or the mature bucks in your area have patterned your skillsets.

... and education by watching hunting shows only goes so far.

With over 600 podcast episodes of wisdom and technique from interviews with top deer hunters across North America we have assembled one of the top archives of deer hunting skill.

We have been asked repeatedly to share the knowledge. 

But what do we release first?

By answering the survey based on your answers we are going to initially release 3 training areas for free. 

Your survey answers will tell us where the knowledge gaps are and which top three skillsets to release first.

Do This:

On a scale of 0 to 6, with 0 being no idea and 6 being world class; rate where you skills are. (you are either greater than 3 or less than 3)

Please score yourself and click Done. 

Based upon your input we will design and publish the skill gaps course based on your needs and make available to you online for Free.

We asked for your first name and email so we might reach out to you to ask you for clarification.

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* 1. Stand sites: on a scale 0 – 6 how confident are you selecting the right stand?

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* 2. Reading deer sign: on a scale 0 – 6 how confident are you in interpreting deer sign?

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* 3. Deer vocalizations: on a scale 0 -6 how confident are you making deer talk?

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* 4. Scent control: on a scale 0 – 6 how confident are you controlling your scent cone?

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* 5. Scouting: on a scale 0 – 6 how confident are you in understanding your hunting property

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* 6. The Rut: on a scale 0 – 6 how confident are you hunting the rut?

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* 7. Phases of the rut: on a scale 0 – 6 how confident are you hunting the phases of the rut?

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* 8. Early Season: on a scale of 0 – 6 how confident are you patterning bucks?

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* 9. Your first name

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* 10. Your email

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* 11. Other deer hunting training you would like to see

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