Nominate your TopDog in each category and we might just feature them in the upcoming fall issue of CityDog Magazine. Please be as specific as possible, whether it's the name of a trail to walk/hike or the brand of a favorite dog toy. Your vote is extremely important, so please let us know your TopDog picks today! CityDog will not share your personal information with anyone. If a category does not apply to you, please leave blank.

* 1. Please give us your name, dog's name(s) and email address. Again, we will not share this information with anyone.

* 2. Designated Off-leash Park

* 3. Veterinarian and/or Animal Clinic

* 4. Pet Store

* 5. Dog Treat (name and brand, if applicable)

* 6. Dog Toy (name and brand, if applicable)

* 7. Dog Food (name and brand, if applicable)

* 8. Dog Groomer (person's name and name of business, if applicable)

* 9. Hiking Trail (please identify trail name if possible)

* 10. On-Leash Park

* 11. Doggie Daycare

* 12. Dog Trainer/Behaviorist (person's name and name of business, if applicable)

* 13. Dog Walker (person's name and name of business, if applicable)

* 14. Weekend Getaway (name of town/region and dog-friendly place to stay, if applicable)

* 15. Pet Sitter (person's name and name of business, if applicable)

* 16. Overnight Care (boarding/kennel)

* 17. Grooming Product (i.e., shampoo, conditioner, soap, grooming tool)

* 18. Please feel free to elaborate on any of your TopDog picks such as why you chose it/them. Thank you for voting!