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This is one of two questionnaires that will be distributed over a similar time period in the area of antimicrobial resistance, stewardship and use. It is important to note that the two questionnaires are very different and are delivered by different groups. This questionnaire intends to gain information on attitudes towards recording and reporting antimicrobial use, while the other is on factors that influence antimicrobial prescribing decisions. Both will be distributed through the same routes so please look out for the second questionnaire over time. We value your response to both questionnaires and thank you for the time taken to do so.
Research Participant Information Statement

Antimicrobial usage in Australian companion and production animals – veterinarian attitudes to antibiotic use reporting
Project overview
You have been invited to participate in a study investigating veterinary practitioner attitudes to recording antimicrobial use. This project aims to explore attitudes, comfort and concern around collation, management and reporting of antimicrobial use data from veterinary practice.

Why have I been asked to participate in this study?
We are seeking participants who prescribe antibiotics within the veterinary industry. We are keen to obtain responses from veterinarians representing all areas and types of practice.

What does participation involve?
Participation will involve completion of an online questionnaire that consists of 13 questions covering antibiotic recording and reporting. There will also be an option for further discussions by telephone at the end of the questionnaire which is voluntary.

Risks and benefits
There are no foreseeable risks associated with participating in this study. Other than your time, there are no costs associated with participation, nor are there any payments. Benefits include contribution to knowledge in this area and the capacity to potentially influence the way that antibiotic use is recorded and reported in future in Australia.

Withdrawal from the research project
Participation in this study is completely voluntary. Your decision to participate or not will not affect your current or future relationship with the members of this project team or anyone else in their organisations. If you elect to participate in further discussions at the conclusion of this questionnaire, you are able to guide the conversation around areas that you do not wish to discuss and you are free to stop the discussion at any time. You are also free to request that information that you have provided be removed from the record. If you wish to withdraw after submitting the questionnaire or completing the further discussion you are free to do so. You may withdraw from the study at any time up until submission of a Draft Report of the project (estimated June 2022).

Any information collected is confidential. It will be stored securely and only accessed by the researchers. You only need to provide details of your name if you select to participate in further discussions at the end of the questionnaire and this will not be linked to your questionnaire, or further discussion response. All data will be stored in a confidential, non-identifiable format, in line with CSIRO’s record-keeping procedure.
How will my information be used?
The outcomes of this study will be used to help inform our review and recommendations around methods for estimation of antibiotic use in Australian companion and production animals. This work will be collated in a project report and provided to the Department for Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE). It may also be included as a publication in a scientific journal. If this option is pursued, no identifiable information will be included.

Ethics clearance and contacts

This study has been approved by CSIRO’s Social Science Human Research Ethics Committee in accordance with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research 2007 (updated 2018). If you have any questions concerning your participation in the study, please contact the project leader via their contact details below. Alternatively, any concerns of complaints about the conduct of this study can be raised with the Executive Manager of Social Responsibility and Ethics on +61 7 38335693 or by email at csshrec@csiro.au.

Dr Sam Beckett, Project Leader

CSIRO Data61
GPO Box 1700
Canberra ACT 2601
Mob: 0416092041
Email: Sam.Beckett@data61.csiro.au
Please read through the following consent statements:

  • I agree to participate in the above research project and give my consent freely
  • I understand that the project will be conducted as described in the Participant Information Statement, a copy of which I have retained
  • I have had the opportunity to have questions answered to my satisfaction

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* We will assume consent if you agree to these statements and have submitted responses.