1. Welcome to My Survey

Are you worried your drinking is spiralling out of control? Have you tried to stop but can't? Or are you worried about someone else's level of drinking?

Alcohol addiction remains a hidden and stigmatic problem marked by denial and fear. There are millions suffering alone, afraid to ask the question, am I drinking too much? Don't let this be you.
Drinking can seem glamorous but excessive consumption of alcohol is an addictive, pervasive and insidious poison to so many beautiful minds. Taming the alcohol demons is a battle I've waged war on personally—sometimes successfully. Many times not.
But I've cracked it now. I’m grateful to say I'm free of the desire to drink and, if you'd like to lose the booze, you can be too. I'm sharing my success secrets in my new book, "Your Beautiful Mind: Control Alcohol, Discover Freedom, Find Happiness and Change Your Life." 

Thank you for participating in my survey. Your feedback is important to me I really value your taking time out to share your experiences. My aim is to assess the range of responses gathered in this survey, to ensure that Your Beautiful Mind provides hope, encouragement, and practical strategies to help people control alcohol. I promise to keep your confidentiality and maintain your privacy.
P.S. You can check out a range of inspiring and practical self-empowerment resources available in print and Ebook on my authorpage on Amazon, navigate to Author.to/CassandraGaisford

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