General Information and Instructions

Application process:
1. Please submit this completed application by January 12, 2018.
All Industries - Complete questions 1 - 13
Aquaculture Companies ONLY - Complete questions 1 - 18
2. Email your pitch deck (5-7 slide limit) to
3. Upon receipt of the application and pitch deck you will receive an email confirmation and instructions for scheduling your interview. Interviews will take place in each region between January 16th-20th.

*Please note that your application will be reviewed by both the Top Gun Planning Team and interview committees.
Slide Deck Suggestions:
  • 1 slide should indicate the Total Addressable Market (TAM) or some other measure of the market opportunity for your business
  • 1 slide must describe the business model and major revenue streams
Other content:
  • Market validation/traction: show early proof that either consumers or other market participants have signaled interest in the form of dollars spent or contracts signed
  • describe the team
  • revenue information (revenue to date plus reasonable projections)
Also, somewhere in your presentation (either orally or in your deck):
  • long the company has been operating (if in business)
  • whether you have taken or are pursuing any outside investment (or plan to)
  • rough current sales figures. (if any)

* 1. Name:

* 2. Address:

* 3. Email:

* 4. Phone:

* 5. Business Name:

* 6. Business URL: (if applicable)

* 7. How is your company organized?

* 8. Please tell us about your idea or company in a single paragraph:

* 9. Please tell us briefly about your cofounders and management team:

* 10. How many employees do you have?

* 11. What were your revenues in 2017? (Enter 0 if none)

* 12. Which location are you interested in attending?

* 13. Participation and payment agreement:

* 14. How is your company involved in Maine's aquaculture sector?

* 15. Please list any aquaculture training courses you or a business partners have attended.

* 16. When was your company established?

* 17. If you are a producer, please list the number and size of your leases and/or LPAs.

* 18. Please list any additional information that makes your company well suited to benefit from participation in the Aquaculture Top Gun program.