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* 6. Equipment Storage Application

The Ski and Board Rack areas in the Club Boat shed are a valuable club resource. With the growing popularity of ski and board paddling within the club, these spaces are at a premium - demand is now outstripping availability.

The need to store club owned craft is the highest priority; the remaining rack spaces are nominally available for members of the club to store a SINGLE
personal craft.

To manage the resource professionally, we have instituted a formal application process for members to request and to be allocated rack spaces in the ski and board storage areas.

Basic Eligibility and Priority Ranking Criteria

Applicants must:
1. Be a current financial (or life) member of the club
2. Be an SRC or Bronze Medallion holder (or greater)
3. Compete for Sorrento in both club & SLSWA events
4. Train with Sorrento at least once per week
5. Age Priority: Senior then Cadet then Masters
6. Other significant contributions to the Club.

If these criteria are met, then their application will be accepted for ranking within the group of members requesting a storage spot. The highest-ranking applicants will be offered the available storage spaces. Initial applications close on the 15th August 2021.

All successful and non-successful applicants will be notified at that time via e-mail. All craft owners without an approved or pending application will be asked to remove their craft. They can apply for any unallocated or future vacated spots at any time during the upcoming season.

Continued use of a rack is dependent on the person maintaining a significant commitment to training and competition as well as fulfilling all other membership requirements. Any member 8 hour down on their patrol obligations loses all privileges and will be asked to remove their craft from the club shed.

The relevant Craft Coaches and Captains are the arbitrators of a person's commitment with any concerns to be raised to the  Captain/Committee then Competition Director.

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