Thank you for participating in the Ambulatory Provider Groups Survey, developed to inform the Michigan Five-Year Health Information Technology Roadmap.

Your input is valued and incredibly important for updating the State Health IT Roadmap. It is vital the Roadmap reflect the diverse experiences and perspectives on health IT from the Ambulatory Provider Group community. Please allow approximately 20 minutes to complete this survey.

The ideal respondents for this survey would include one or more individuals whose job role involves clinical care where access to external sources of information on patients is valuable in making treatment decisions; as well as decision-makers in your organization around information technology systems and participation with health information exchange initiatives (local, statewide, and national).

For survey responders: Please keep the following in mind when answering questions.

1)           We want to understand your organization’s experience of Michigan in using information technology and health information exchange services (the current state)

2)           We want to understand the barriers and challenges impeding your organization’s use of information  technology and health information exchange (the current state)

3)           We want you to use your imagination and describe how the Michigan Health IT Roadmap could support your organization to accelerate the use of health information technology and health information exchange for better outcomes, more efficient care, a more satisfied healthcare workforce, and lower costs of delivering healthcare and social services in Michigan (the desired future state)

Thank you for your candid input!