1. Contact Information and Zoo School Interest

Zoo school enrollment for the upcoming  school year beginning late August 2017 is at capacity, with the exception of a few select spaces in Pre-k 4 program.
What can you expect when you are on the waiting list for Early Childhood Education program for children 12 - Prek4:

*Prospective parents are typically on the waiting list for an average of 18-24 months.
*We will refer to the waiting list and contact interested families when space becomes available. Once you have added your name to the waiting list, there is no need to re-submit your information as the waiting list carries over from year to year.
*Group tours are scheduled throughout the year; we will email families on the waiting list as updated group tour dates are determined.
*In order to limit distractions in the classroom as students are learning, individual tours cannot be accommodated until a slot that fits your family’s interest becomes available.
*In order to better help place your child in the Zoo School, please fill out the below information to be added to our wait list. Please note: filling out the below information does not guarantee your child a spot but rather allows us to have data available when and if spaces comes available. We will telephone or email you when spaces comes available that meets the need of the data collected in this survey.
Current tuition rates:

Preschool-(4 years old classroom)
$854 monthly for a 5 day program.  Pre-K 4 is only scheduled 5 days.
Early Childhood Education-(1-3 years old classroom)
$854 Monthly for a 5 day program
$592 Monthly for a 3 day program
$456 Monthly for a 2 day program,

Optional: Extended Care
(7 am to 8 am; 3 pm to 6 pm)
$220-Monthly 5 days of extended care per week
$180-Monthly 3 days of extended care per week
$140- Monthly 2 days of extended care per week

* 1. Contact Information

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* 4. Please check the days that you are interested in your child attending:

  Monday through Friday Monday, Wednesday, Friday Tuesday, Thursday
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* 5. When are you interested in enrolling your child?

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* 7. Do you have another sibling you would like to place on the waiting list?