Data Viz Training Needs

We recently sent an ask around for recommendations for data visualization workshop facilitators, and got a number of responses asking if the training was open to anyone interested in registering. We love that there's so much interest in opportunities for in-person training and connecting around data visualization design, and would appreciate your quick feedback on what kind of trainings and resources you and your colleagues are looking for.

We're working on revamping the website with more resources, tools, and new posts, including sharing training opportunities and courses. Your responses will help us curate the content we share to meet the big areas of interest in our community. 

* 1. Give us a sense of the kinds of training resources you're interested in by ranking each of the following topics.

  Not relevant Somewhat interested Very interested Not sure
Shaping data to use in visualizations
Basic data analysis
Identifying & understanding your audience
Storyboarding & other tools for facilitating visualization design
Basic design best practices for chart and graph design
Designing visualizations in Excel
Designing visualizations in Powerpoint
Designing visualizations in open source design tools (e.g. Piktochart, Canva)
Visualizing qualitative data
Best practices for designing dashboards
Promoting data use through data visualization
Data viz remakes: how to transform poorly designed charts
Templates for visualization design
Designing viz with code

* 2. Are there specific topics you're interested in, but weren't listed above? Share them with us here.

* 3. What kinds of resources and trainings are you looking for?