National Landscape Architecture Month 2011!

Landscape Architecture needs YOUR chapter to bring awareness to the profession this coming April. It's not too late to create an event and those 50 copies of LAM should help! Please fill out this information so that we can feature chapter events on the website, in the calendar of events, and in LAND. Contact Mike Cowden, coordinator Public Relations and Communication, at or 202.216.2345 with any questions or requests for inspiration! Please make these events open to the public and have fun. The chapters with the most creative community-involving events will gain accolades, praise, and a lifetime supply of good will from your fellow Landscape Architects. Don't forget to include all information requested so that we will promote your events to the best of our abilities.

* 1. Which chapter do you represent?

* 2. Provide the attention grabbing title of your event(s), location(s), and date(s).

* 3. Briefly describe your chapter's event(s) and list any additional sponsors or details. Note - colorful language greatly appreciated so that we can publicize to the fullest degree.

* 4. Who will serve as the primary contact for the day of the event(s) including phone and email?

* 5. Please share any comments, feedback, or feelings of excitement regarding NLAM. Get pumped up!