1. Is Your Polling Place Accessible? CIDNY's General Election Day Voter Survey

The Americans with Disability Act requires that people with disabilities be provided full and equal opportunity to vote in all elections. This survey will ask you questions to determine whether, in your experience, Manhattan polling sites are meeting that standard. We will use the results from this short survey to draft a series of recommendations for the Board of Elections to implement prior to the November 2016 General Election. Thank you in advance for your participation!

* 1. Poll Site Information

* 2. If you have a disability, please check all that apply: (OPTIONAL - used for demographic statistics only)

* 3. How did you mark your ballot during this election?

* 4. Did the poll worker mention that you could use a Ballot Marking Device (BMD)?

* 5. Was the pathway to the BMD voting machine and the area around it clear so that you could access it easily?

* 6. Was the poll worker able to give you enough information so that you could use the BMD successfully?

* 7. Did the BMD work without problems?

* 8. Were you able to vote privately and independently using the BMD?

* 9. Were you able to vote within what you believe is a reasonable amount of time?

* 10. How was your ballot handled after marking it?

* 11. Did you experience any of the following when you voted? (Check all that apply)

* 12. How would you rate your overall experience voting during this election?

* 13. Was your polling site crowded when you went to vote?

* 14. Were there enough poll workers at your site to assist you?

* 15. Any suggestions for making improvements for the next election?

* 16. Do you have any other comments you would like to make about your voting experience for this election?

* 17. Optional: Your information will be kept confidential. In order to present a report of findings to the Board of Elections, we may want to contact you for further information about your voting experience.