Customer Feedback Survey

* 1. When visiting Lakes & Prairies Community Action do you feel welcomed?

* 2. Are Lakes & Prairies Community Action offices and classrooms clean and accessible?

* 3. Are you treated with respect by Lakes & Prairies employees and volunteers?

* 4. Do you receive help in a timely manner?

* 5. Do you receive the information and services you needed?

* 6. Are you provided with information about other services available at Lakes & Prairies?

* 7. Would you recommend Lakes & Prairies Community Action to a friend or family member?

* 8. What are the top 3 concerns that you have for your family or your child?

* 9. What are the top 3 gaps in services that have affected you or your family?

* 10. What would be the most helpful to you as you work to improve your financial situation (ex. Good paying job, child care, transportation, etc.)?

* 11. Any additional comments, concerns or feedback for our team?

* 12. I am (check all that apply)