The 52-acre addition is adjacent to the E.B. Lyons Interpretive Center presents opportunities, challenges and limitations. Some ideas being
considered are the expansion of interpretive opportunities that would be universally accessible and close to the Center; the ability to experience
dramatic scenery; develop an area for youth group camping and provide additional parking to the Interpretive Center that is badly needed.

The steep topography adds to the scenic beauty, but limits options. For example, like EB Lyons Interpretive Center, this addition can’t be connected
by road to the Mines of Spain. Protection of the archeological, historic and natural resources may also limit what might be done with the land.

A multi-disciplinary planning task force with representatives from the Friends of the Mines of Spain, the City of Dubuque, the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, and the DNR forestry, wildlife, ecological, and park divisions has developed the draft plan above, with possible options for future development and management of the 52-acre addition. Please review and provide your input, comments and suggestions.

* 1. Check all of the considerations below that you think are important and should be included in this planning effort for the recent addition to the E.B. Lyons Interpretive Area:

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