1. What should our priorities be, as we prepare the new Beliefnet Community for you?

Please answer these brief questions, to tell us what is most important to you.

* 1. It is a priority for the Beliefnet Community to have lots of useful features, tools and functions – and for the technology to work smoothly and be stable with minimal glitches. Both features and stability are important. To you, which is more important?

* 2. Which of the following Beliefnet Community features have you used? (check all that apply)

* 3. How do you feel about each of these Beliefnet Community features?

  Love it It's okay Don't like it No opinion
Profile: telling people about yourself
Journal: expressing your thoughts in writing
Forums: discussing issues, interests, beliefs
Groups: gathering with like-minded people
Viewing Photos others have shared
Sharing your own Photos for others to see
Viewing Videos others have shared
Sharing your own Videos for others to see
Asking for prayers with a Prayer Circle
Praying for others on their Prayer Circles
Commenting on Beliefnet Blogs

* 4. All of these features are important, but please tell us which ones should be our top priority.

In your opinion, which are the 3 most important features you will use in the Beliefnet Community? Select up to 3.

* 5. How important are these tools to you?

  Must have it It's okay Don't want it No opinion
Keeping up with new content posted by my friends
Being able to customize my page by choosing a design theme
Exchanging private messages with my friends
Leaving greetings on my friends' guest books
Finding out about events that might interest me
Promoting my favorite charity and enabling online donations
Publicizing my blog, website, cause, beliefs, house of worship, business
Bookmarking my favorite Beliefnet pages so I can find them easily
Quickly jumping to my most recent posts
Getting daily inspirational quotes, jokes, Bible verses, etc. on my page

* 6. How do you feel about these aspects of Beliefnet Community?

  Love it It's okay Don't like it No opinion
Making friends
Telling other people about my beliefs and interests
Talking about faith with others who share my beliefs
Connecting with people who share my interests
Discussing religion, politics, and other hot topics
Expressing my thoughts in writing
Exchanging information
Learning new things
Getting and/or giving personal support about relationships, health, family, etc.
Getting and/or giving spiritual support
The feeling of being included in a community
Being creative and expressive

* 7. We are considering expanding our video capabilities. If Beliefnet Community had a video area more like YouTube, where members could easily upload the videos they create, would you participate?

* 8. What types of videos do you like to watch online? (check all that apply)

* 9. Do you own your own webcam or digital video camera?

* 10. What else should be a priority, as we build the new Beliefnet Community?

* 11. What would you like to know about the move to the new Beliefnet Community?

Use this space to ask any questions or share any concerns you have. We will collect members' questions and respond to them on our FAQ.