Hi Carthage! These questions will help the Student Life Enhancement Committee, and therefore Student Government as a whole, understand what our fellow students most want changed/done on campus. The questions will give us an idea of what to focus on in the near future. Also, the last question allows you to include some of your own ideas about how to make Carthage a better place to live and learn. Thank you!

* 1. Please rate for: A seated patio space down by the beach

  Little use/value Much use/value
How much benefit do you think students would receive from this patio?
How important is it to our campus?
Would YOU use it?

* 2. Is there anything specific you'd like to see on the patio?

* 3. Please rate for: Benches by the flagpole (they would be on the edge of the flower bed closest to campus drive)

  No! Maybe Yes!
Do you think other students would use the benches to wait for the shuttle?
Will the benches look good?
Do you think they will interfere with 'student traffic' (i.e. students walking there)?
Would YOU use them?

* 4. Please rate for: A way for students to "rent out" bikes at no cost

  Little use/value - Don't do it Much use/value - Do it!
Would students use this system to rent out bikes?
How much benefit would the campus receive?
Would you use this instead of bringing a bike to campus?
Do you think bike theft would decrease?
Would YOU use bikes from this?

* 5. Please rate for: Re-doing the sidewalks between Madrigano and Johnson

  Not at all Not very Maybe Very Yes! Do it
Do you think this is necessary?
How important is it?

* 6. Please tell us of any other ideas you have that will benefit students here on campus. Thank you!!