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MH-1 Manufactured homes must:
a) be comprised of at least two sections, each at least 12’ wide by 36’ long;
b) have pitched roof of shake, shingle, coated metal, or similar material; and
c) have exterior siding commonly used on site-built houses.
Remove size requirement. Allows for smaller manufactured homes to be used as accessory dwelling units (ADUs); increases flexibility for this housing option to be used on more lots in the city.

* 1. MH-1 Comment

 Rec #   Current Regulation   Proposed Change   Purpose of Change 
MH-2 Design standards for Infill Residential apply to manufactured homes located on lots of less than 5,000 sq. ft. When used as an ADU, apply ADU design standards rather than infill design standards. Provides consistency, so that same design standards are applied to all ADUs.

* 2. MH-2 Comment