Hello NHD Philly Teachers,

We are trying to get a sense of how many students are coming to the contest, as well as the number and type of projects. As you know, space has increasingly become an issue as our program grows, and your input will be invaluable in helping us plan for the logistics of the contest. Additionally, this information helps us make sure that we have enought T-shirts so that each student receives a shirt at the contest.

Please complete the following:

1. Background Information:

For the following please give us your best estimate:

2. Grade Level:

3. The number of students you will be bringing to the contest:

4. The number of projects you will be bringing to the contest:

5. From that total number of projects, how many are:

Thank you! We recognize that these numbers may change, but an estimate is all we need at this point.

-The NHD Philly Team