Thank you for adding your Stream Quality Checklist findings to this Database.  It's OK to skip questions.  The checklist is oriented to streams draining the suburban-urban areas where most of us (81%) live.  Please feel free to add results from other streams too.  To learn how to restore waters degraded by past growth and how to prevent future damage see the CEDS Protecting & Restoring Wetlands, Streams, Lakes, Tidal Waters & Wells from Land Development Impacts webpage. For further information contact CEDS at 410-654-3021 or

* While we will keep your responses confidential, can we get your contact information so we send you a summary of the results of this survey?

* What is the name of the stream you assessed and the state where it's located?

* Did you see any fish in the stream?

* If you examined stones bathed in fast-flowing stream water for life, did you see:

* Was the stream muddy or discolored in some other way?

* If the stream was muddy or discolored were you able to trace it upstream to a source?

* If a liquid was flowing from a pipe in dry-weather, did it possess any of these indicators of possible pollution?

* If a suspicious discharge was found, were you able to trace it to a source?

* Did you see any of the following indicators of accelerated stream channel erosion?

* Is there an abundance of unvegetated sand or gravel bars along the stream channel?

* Comments: Is there anything else you'd like to note about the stream?