Today we are interested in getting your thoughts on Gamefish designations.

Gamefish designation in Florida prohibits the commercial take and sale of the species in the state. Designation does not prohibit the sale of aquaculture-raised fish. Due to declining stocks at the time, redfish received gamefish designation in Florida in 1989. For the same concerns, snook received gamefish status in 1957. The stocks of both species are now considered to be in good condition in the state and under successful management practices.

In the last year, both cobia and tripletail regulations were tightened due to concerns over the conditions of their stocks. At the same time, seatrout—which many people are surprised to know are still taken for commercial purposes—have also been the subject of discussions over the conditions of their stocks regionally around the state.

Florida Sportsman asserts that now is the time to give seatrout, tripletail and cobia gamefish designation and prohibit commercial take and sale of these species—the Gamefish Trifecta.

We would like to know more about your experience fishing for these species and your opinions of protection for these species.

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Tight lines,

Blair Wickstrom, Publisher