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British Columbia's heritage sector believes heritage is broad and encompassing, describing the “tangible and intangible record of the human imprint on the world.” It is our culture. It is our environment. It is how we connect to place, space, and each other. It is alive with stories.

Heritage is buildings and artifacts, as well as traditions and knowledge. It is found in museums, archives, and historic sites, but it is also found in the land, water, and air. It is what we see and what we can no longer see, but still hold in memory.

British Columbia’s heritage sector employs 4,400 people, engages 45 million visitors annually, and brings nearly $250 million to our economy each year. It ensures that millions of irreplaceable artifacts, documents, and pieces of living culture can continue to be vital parts of our communities and traditions.

Heritage is not fixed in the past, but it is also found in our present, describing who we were and how we are, as well as who we might be in the future.

Help BC's heritage sector understand where you stand on the following issues. Please respond to this brief survey by Wednesday, October 14th.

Responses will be shared with the members of the Archives Association of BC, BC Historical Federation, BC Museums Association, Friends of the BC Archives, and Heritage BC.

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* 1. What is your name? Where is your riding? And which party do you represent?

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* 2. A recent survey of heritage organizations in British Columbia found that more than 1 in 3 fear they will never recover from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Globally, UNESCO found that 1 in 3 museums may close permanently due to COVID-19.

Do you agree that increased provincial funding is needed to preserve our communities’ culture and heritage?

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* 3. As British Columbians work to address the legacy of colonization and systemic racism, in what ways can the provincial government support heritage initiatives by Indigenous and racialized communities in BC? 

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* 4. Do you agree that heritage plays an important role in contributing to BC's economy and vitality?

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* 5. Looking at your community/riding, how will you support funding, policies, and appointments that encourages conservation and support the broader heritage sector?

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* 6. I would like to receive future emails about BC's heritage sector.

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