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We were recently intrigued by a set of questions posed by former practitioners who are in the midst of developing a service to pre-qualify leadership capabilities of corporate professionals:

Understanding that there are several accepted leadership styles and definitions, and that a company’s circumstances may dictate which styles or specific competencies they need, is there a set of universal (or near universal) characteristics that are desired regardless of circumstance?

Is there a market for an interactive database of candidates and potential candidates that are assessed for competencies and experiences that demonstrate ability in these universal characteristics for leadership?

Have firms already built a leadership assessment function into their own talent communities?

Do external services exist and are companies currently partnering with suppliers who pre-assess leadership potential?

We don't know but we thought we would ask you.

We thought the idea interesting enough to design the short survey below to answer some of the questions.

As always your information will remain private. All those who complete this short survey will receive the results.

Mark and Gerry

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* 5. Please force rank the order of the leadership competencies and traits in order of importance to your organization from the list below, with 1 (1st) being the most important. No need to rank any items for which your opinion is neutral. Add any competencies and traits that are important to you but are not on the list.

  1st and Most Important 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th
AGREEABLENESS - A tendency to be pleasant and accommodating in social situations. People who score high on this dimension are empathetic, considerate, friendly, generous, and helpful.
CHANGE AGENT – Demonstrates competency in successfully leading significant change programs requiring ability to spark and motivate a broad constituency of peers and staff to new and different thinking.
CHARACTER - A variety of attributes including the existence or lack of virtues such as integrity, courage, fortitude, honesty, and loyalty, or of good behaviors or habits.
COMMUNICATION SKILLS – Demonstrates ability to speak, write and present information in a clear, concise and compelling manner that is tailored to a particular audience.
CONSCIENTIOUSNESS - Painstaking and careful. includes such elements as self-discipline, carefulness, thoroughness, organization, deliberation (the tendency to think carefully before acting), and need for achievement.
DEVELOPING OTHERS – Demonstrates strong passion and action for the identification and development of leaders under them; agrees that “a leader who fails to develop leaders under them fail as a leader”.
EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE - The ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups.
INFLUENCE – Demonstrates ability to effectively persuade others to listen, commit, and act on a new approach. Gains support from others without relying on authority or intimidation.
MANAGING OTHERS – Able to hire, train, develop and motivate a staff of professionals to achieve high performance.
OPENNESS TO EXPERIENCE - Involves active imagination, aesthetic sensitivity, attentiveness to inner feelings, preference for variety, and intellectual curiosity.
RELATIONSHIP BUILDING – Places high value on building authentic relationships with direct staff, peers, clients and customers as well as vendors, suppliers and other outside resources.
RISK TAKING – Demonstrates ability to initiate action to pursue new and improved products and processes despite the inherent potential negative consequences.
STRATEGIC THINKING – Able to effectively anticipate future events with broad implications and significant business impact. Integrates long-range plans and opportunities with day-to-day activities to align business with strategic vision.

* 6. If there are any leadership competencies specifically in use by your firm (not listed above), please list them here.

* 9. If you would in helping develop this service we'll provide you their contact details