Startup Pitch Night Online ApplicationĀ 

* 1. Applicant Name

* 2. Company 

* 3. Title

* 4. Email

* 5. Phone Number

* 6. Please provide links to company website and all social media platforms.

* 7. Please describe your business in 300 words or less. Include:
  • The history of your business
  • Proposed or existing product line
  • The organization of your team
  • Long term business goals
  • Plans for one year from now regarding the expansion of your business and your employee growth rate

* 8. Why do you want to move to Nashua, NH?

The three-month minimum occupancy of free incubation space is the only requirement for money prize. Thank you for your interest in The John Flatley Company's Startup Pitch Night, and we will respond to your application as soon as we can.