The following page contains two questions designed to identify male SAYRE (and spelling variations) descendants and their Y-DNA haplogroup (if known) for the sole purpose of genetic genealogy. This research is directed by Gregory L. Morley, M.A., a genetic genealogist and group project administrator of the SAYRE Family DNA Project.

Your participation in answering these two questions is strictly volunteer and comes without any cost or contingencies. No personal information will be collected from you with the exception of your initials and the computer IP address you use to send your answers from, which will be used to limit participants to only one response.

Collected responses will be stored on computer servers owned by this survey host ( and are only accessible through this researcher's secure account and home computer. Aggregated data will be analyzed and stored on this researcher's home computer for the purpose of advancing genealogical research assessed to date. Results and analysis will not be sold but will be made available to any researcher wishing to study the data collected.

You can contact the researcher directly at the following e-mail address:

Answering either or both questions on the next page constitutes your understanding and agreement to the terms of this survey. You may quit this research survey any time by clicking on the link "Exit this survey," located in the upper right-hand corner of either survey page. If you do participate, please be sure to click on the buttons "Next," and "Done" located at the bottom of their respective page to ensure your answers were saved.

Thank you for your consideration and participation.


Gregory Morley, M.A.
Group Administrator, FTDNA
SAYRE Family DNA Project

Last reviewed February 7, 2017