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The dance courses own homepage (www.nojesdans.se/chalmers/ was created and published in January 2010 and more information has been added successively since then. The page is far from finished in its form and I'd be grateful for tips on how the page can be improved.

Just note that advanced solutions with css, dynamic webbpages and solutions that require buying a service is out of question at the moment. Try to keep to tips that can be easily done or send me information on how to do. (I do all the work by myself on my free time.)

Thanks for your help!

dance teacher

* 1. Which improvements would be good on the layout and design (menue, pictures, placement of text, colors and so on)?

* 2. Which improvements would be good on the content (the information on dance courses, dances, music and so on)?

* 3. What other improvements would be good? (For example links, videos, music, things that are missing, connection to social media, dance news and so on)

* 4. Other comments on the webpages at www.nojesdans.se/chalmers/?

* 5. If you have comments also on the dance societys homepage on www.dance.chs.chalmers.se you can write them here and I'll forward your comments to the dance board.

* 6. I will publish my comments to this inquiry on the homepage later, but if you want direct answers you can write your e-mailaddress here.