* 1. We are designing an online service where you could have your photography critiqued by an expert reviewer (photographer, editor or curator). A few days after uploading your portfolio or web gallery to our site, you would receive approximately 30 minutes of commentary in the form of a screen recording (i.e. a video recording of the reviewer's screen with audio of their voice). What would you be willing to pay for this type of service?

* 2. Who would be an ideal portfolio reviewer for you? Or ideal reviewers?

* 3. How often would you use this service?

* 4. Do you have a publicly accessible online gallery of your photographs (a website or Flikr account for example)?

* 5. Have you ever attended a photography workshop?

* 6. Do you make some or part of your living as a photographer?

* 7. What type/s of photography are you most interested in?

* 8. Are you intimidated by the idea of having your work critiqued? If so, please explain what aspects of the process scare you.

* 9. Where do you go now to get feedback on your work (if anywhere)?

* 10. Where do you look now for photographic inspiration and ideas?

* 11. What photography magazines, blogs or forums do you read?

* 12. Do you ever post your photographs in online forums or blogs in order to get feedback?

* 13. Have you ever had a professional critique of your photography?

* 14. Why would you want a critique?

* 15. Would you like to be contacted when the site goes live? If so, please put your email address below and we'll let you know. (We will not spam you or share your contact info with anyone).

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