Please share the following with us...

Your name

Your email and phone number

Your age

Your ethnic background

Your sexual orientation

Your gender identity [if any] and your preferred pronouns (for example: he/him/his; she/her/hers; they/them/theirs, etc)

Do you identify as transgender?

In which language/s can you communicate?
Please indicate how proficient you are in any language you list.

( Note: You do not need to be fluent in a language to include it. For example, basic understanding of a language can be helpful in speaking engagements with participants who are English Language Learners but fluently speak a language you are able to understand. )

Most of our speaking is done in San Francisco schools during daytime school hours.
Will you be available to commit to speaking engagements during these times?

Thank you for sharing this information with us.

We will contact you to complete a full application in June and an interview in July or August.
Our next Speakers Training will occur the first two consecutive Saturdays of September after Labor Day.

Below, please share briefly how you learned about us -- and what interests you about being a part of the San Francisco LGBTQ Speakers Bureau: