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* 4. Compared to the way you used to work, how much time does JOBZ! save you?

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* 8. Which specific capabilities of JOBZ! do you use?

  Use Regularly Use Occasionally Know About but Don't Use Don't Know About
Accessing the YOU screen to personalize my info
Using the Home screen as dashboard view of my day
Staying organized with job status and schedule dates
Keeping my sales Pipeline up to date
Writing up Requests for Estimate
Cloning jobs
Sending customer proposal PDFs by email
Entering orders with the Sales Order to Production (SOP)
Specifying detailed delivery instructions
Using the job schedule dates for files, press, ship, etc.
Using the Auto-Schedule button to generate proposed schedules
Sending Author's Changes memos to customers
Sending Author's Changes memos to production
Sending Invoice drafts to billing department
Sending a Pro Forma Invoice to customers in advance of billing
Sending Purchase Orders to suppliers
Combining multiple jobs into a Project
Using the Project Proposal Summary spreadsheet or matrix
Making multiple-page proposals for several jobs
Using PDF Append to build multipage PDFs
Changing the Work Type to use specialty specification screens (e.g; Cartons, Wide Format, Campaign)
Using the Campaign Work Type for multiple components in a single job
Referring to the Shark List to see who might already be calling on a contact
Making sure my contacts are protected from my fellow company reps calling on them
Using Personalize SPEX to have drop-down lists suited to my work
Using commission visualization when quoting
Tracking contact history and scheduling next contact activity
Using the Scheduled Contacts list to monitor next planned contacts
Using the Segments, Verticals, and Company Type fields to prospect strategically
Using the ADDRESS Output screen to make lists of contacts
Using the ADDRESS Output screen for mailing labels and merge-mail letters
Recording and planning group contact activity 
Using the JOBS tab on the contact screen find job history and make new jobs
Using the MEMOS module for correspondence (Letters, Memos, etc.)
Using the MEMOS tab on the contact screen to find correspondence history and make new correspondence
Submitting my Expense Report

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