* 1. How often do you use one or more of the following community facilities (Mercantile, Community Center, Post Office, Fitness Center, Commodities Bldg.):

* 2. Which public facilities in the lower village do you want to see relocated to the upper village first? Please note that facilities for the elders and children are already being planned, so that they are not included in this survey. Please pick three.

* 3. What public facilities or commercial uses that are NOT currently in the Lower Village do you want to see in the Upper Village? What types of businesses would be desirable?

* 4. What services and/or products would you like to see in a new Mercantile that are not currently offered?

* 5. Should emergency services (police, fire) be integrated into the center of the village or should they be along 109 or the periphery of the Upper Village if response times are as currently provided? Please keep in mind issues of noise, access, etc.

* 6. Are there intersections or stretches of street in the Lower Village that are unsafe/problematic?  Do you have any issues with on-street parking?

* 7. Is speeding in excess of the 15MPH limit a problem in the Lower Village?

* 8. If speeding is a problem, which traffic calming measures would you prefer be implemented in the new Upper Village?

* 9. If you walk in the lower village, is it a pleasant experience? How often do you or your family walk? Do you use the sidewalk or walk in the street? Do you feel safe on the sidewalks? Should there be a greater distance between the sidewalk and street?

* 10. Do you have any other suggestions, issues or concerns you want to be sure are considered in the design of the plan?

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