Initial Eligibility Application: Training Provider Information

This application is to determine the initial eligibility of new training programs under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.
Please note that eligibility requirements have been revised as of March 13, 2018. Please review the new Policy and FAQ prior to submitting application to ensure the training program meets all eligibility requirements.
If your program is a registered apprenticeship, please complete the form here.

If you are applying for continued eligibility of a program currently on the list, please contact to receive a customized application specific to your programs.

Contact for questions on this application.

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* 1. Name of Training Provider

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* 2. Description of Training Provider. This description can include accreditation and program offerings or specialties. (Answer must be 500 characters or less.)

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* 3. Federal Employment Identification Number

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* 4. Has your training organization previously completed this online application to be on Oregon's ETPL?

25% of survey complete.