* 1. How do you store your survey equipment when on the move?

* 2. How muddy/wet does your equipment get?

* 3. If you do protect equipment, what do you use?

* 4. Do you prefer to buy your gear from custom small vendors or large companies?

* 5. How do you most often buy your gear?

* 6. Do you wish there were more options for storing survey equipment?

* 7. Would storage for survey equipment on the chest/front of body be useful?

* 8. What are qualities in your storage that would be admirable?

  Highly important Neutral Not important
Minimal bulk

* 9. What type of closure is preferred in storage? (1=high preference, 4=low preference)

* 10. How many times do you change the products you use/upgrade?

* 11. Do you find it difficult to read equipment because of elements (light glare, mud, water, ice, etc.)?

* 12. If you drop anything during survey, what is the most common?

* 13. What are things you dislike about bags/ packs/ pouches, that are still used for surveying?