Why do we ask you to rank options and how will the data be used?

The Lime Grove Site, which is a former Council Depot, may be the last significant piece of land in North Berwick held by East Lothian Council that could be used to benefit the community. East Lothian Council is preparing the land for sale, but there is growing interest from community members to ensure it is used for the benefit of the coastal communities. A group of residents, with support of the North Berwick Coastal Area Partnership, is preparing to submit a request for 'Asset Transfer' to the council and needs your support.
This results from this survey form the basis of the Asset Transfer request and Lime Grove business case.

What we need from you:
In January 2017, we gathered with 160 residents and identified a long list of options for the Lime Grove site. In order to identify the preferred options, we ask you to rank these in order of your preference. Please note, that it is highly likely, that the site incorporates a combination of options, rather than just one. It's not just about a single preferred option.
Reality check:
This survey is asking people to pick their best options, however we would like to warn, that there may have to be some adjustments made to the rankings.
The reason this might happen is that the options that go forward have to be financially viable. This ensures that whatever money is spent on securing and developing the site will not be wasted, that there will be a long term future and that the project (in whatever combination works best) will be self-sustaining. 
Secondly, the options taken forward need to align with the strategic aims of some of our critical stakeholders and potential funders. To help us get their buy-in and support. 
On completion, we will start development of a business case for the Lime Grove site, to ensure the preferred options are affordable and self sustainable.

* 1. Have you been involved in any of the meetings about Lime Grove?

* 2. Please rank the 17 options below, with 1 being your favourite and 17 your least favourite option. (We know you are busy people, so If you don't have the time, please just give us your top 5!)

* 3. Please let us know about other options you want to be considered, or have any comments you want us to consider

* 4. Please leave your email address below, if you want to get involved to save the Lime Grove site