* 1. Are you currently teaching with a list of aims and/or objectives and a recap?

* 2. What level do you normally teach?

* 3. Generally, how would you rate interest level of students whilst delivering lesson aims and/or objectives?

  High Low
Interest Level

* 4. How would you rate your own interest level whilst delivering lesson aims and/or objectives?

  High Low
Interest Level

* 5. In your opinion, do aims and objectives assist with learning?

* 6. Do you use objectives is some lessons but not in others?

* 7. When you teach do you find that there could be a correlation between level of learner and the usefulness of objectives?

* 8. A task based objective outlines what is expected to be done by the end of the lesson. This is instead of a learning objective. for example:
"By the end of today's lesson you will have obtained information about....."
This would be delivered in an informal way, instead of writing aims and objectives for the lesson.

Do you already use task based objectives?

* 9. Would you enjoy teaching with task based objectives?

* 10. Do you think task based objectives would be useful?

* 11. From your experience of being a teacher, how do you think a class would react to being given a task, then allowing time for them work on it, later introducing formal aims and objectives to show the learners how well they are doing? For example:

Given task.
Work on it.
Show learning objectives - see which ones have been completed.
Work towards reaching objectives that have not been met.
Lesson ends with a recap.

  High Motivation Low Motivation
Class reaction