1. Offerings to Students and Parents

50% of survey complete.
To continue to engage our staff on the decision making process and educational programs creation/improvement please complete the following survey. There are two sections: 1. Offerings to Students/Parents 2. Employee Demographics and Employment

1. The school offers me on-going professional development to target the following areas:

  Well Done Satisfactory Needs Improvement N/A
Common Core State Standards
Next Generation Science Standards
Core Subject Areas
Special Instructional Offerings
English Language Development
Visual and Performing Arts
Health and Physical Education
Blended Learning
Integrating Technology
Significant Subgroups
Evaluating Student achievement and outcomes
Pathways for Student Engagement

2. What are the top five ways you monitor your students and parents engagement in their educational outcomes?

3. My students have a safe and supportive learning center environment.

4. All of my students have access to college and career readiness resources.

5. My students are aware of the following programs:

6. I use the following resources to communicate and encourage involvement from my students and parents:

  Always Sometimes Never N/A
School website
Student/Parent Portal
Parent/Student Conference (Intervention)

7. I am ________ with the level of education my students receive at Audeo.