Thank you for attending the conference. We hope you enjoyed the speakers and activities. This brief survey will allow you to provide feedback and thoughts on the content and organization of the conference.

* 1. How satisfied were you with the Embassy Suites as a location for the conference? Think about the session rooms, the food service, the sleeping accommodations, and other amenities.

* 2. If there is anything in particular you'd like to comment on about the Embassy Suites as a location, please tell us about it here.

* 3. Please evaluate the opening reception and keynote speech by Soren Hermansen,

* 4. Please make any observations you have about the opening reception and keynote.

* 5. In general, how satisfied were you with the topics and content of the session presentations?

* 6. Thinking in terms of the TOPICS of the various sessions, select any of the choices below that reflect your opinion. Select all that apply.

* 7. Now think about the speakers. How satisfied were you with the quality and capabilities of the various speakers?

* 8. If there was one speaker you especially liked (other than the keynote), please tell us what you liked.

* 9. If there were speakers you found less than satisfactory, please tell us why.

* 10. If you participated in any of the Friday afternoon tours (Danish Museum, State Capitol, West End Architectural), please indicate how satisfied you were with the tour you participated in.

* 11. If you were not satisfied with a tour you participated in, please tell us why.

* 12. Please give your opinion of the scheduling during the conference. Select all that apply.

* 13. Please rate the balance between sessions and other activities.

* 14. Please rate your satisfaction with the registration process for the conference.

* 15. Please rate your satisfaction with the organization and logistics of the conference.

* 16. If you were dissatisfied with any aspect of the logistics and organization of the conference, please tell us about it.

* 17. Please rate the fees charged for the conference.

* 18. Was the conference held at a time and for a duration that was workable for you? Please select all that apply.

* 19. Please offer any other comments on the conference that you think would be helpful to the sponors.

* 20. If a similar conference were to be held in the future, please suggest themes or topics that would be interesting to you.

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