In order that we might better meet the needs of those we wish to serve we would like to ask ten questions through this survey.

Please take a few minutes to help us understand the ways in which we can best share the compassion and hope of Christ through the ministry of Music for the Soul.

Your answers are confidential and appreciated.

1. How did you learn about Music for the Soul?

2. You recently purchased or donated to receive a Music for the Soul resource. Which Music for the Soul resource did you receive?

3. Please give one example of how you use music/a song in a counseling setting.

4. Why do you think music and songs are an important part of the therapy process?

5. Please share one way this particular Music for the Soul resource proved helpful to you as a counselor.

6. Is there an addition to this resource that would improve its effectiveness?

7. Please share a unique way that you have been able to utilize a Music for the Soul resource in your work, one that we can share with others in your field.

8. Would refer Music for the Soul to your peers in the counseling profession?

9. Do you have any additional comments you would like to share with us?

10. All answers are confidential. Please provide the following: