* 1. What is your current affiliation with St. Ignatius Parish?

* 2. How long have you been affiliated with St. Ignatius Parish?

* 3. What is your overall perception of St. Ignatius Parish?

* 4. Please evaluate the following Master Plan elements:

  Very Important Important Neutral Not Important Unsure
Building a new Church and Parish Hall
Creating new school facilities
Building a new youth center
Building a new rectory
Constructing a new administrative building

* 5. Do you believe now is the appropriate time for St. Ignatius Catholic Parish to move forward with a campaign in support of the Master Plan?

* 6. The estimated cost to address all of these elements is $18 million.  Is raising $18 million a realistic goal for our parish to raise through a campaign seeking multi-year pledges?

* 7. With regard to your family's potential involvement, would you consider:

  Yes No Maybe
Making a gift/pledge to the campaign?
Serving s a campaign volunteer?

* 8. For the the purpose of estimating fundraising potential, please mark the gift level that would be within your capabilities, for a capital campaign, if payable over a five-year period.  This is NOT a commitment.  This would be over and above your regular offertory giving.

* 9. Please add any additional comments:

* 10. Contact Information (optional):