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* 1. Do you prefer a longer summer vacation with traditional holiday breaks -- such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break during the school year. Or, do you prefer a shorter summer vacation with many breaks during the school year?

* 2. Currently, do you think the school year ends too early, too late or at just the right time?

* 3. Indiana currently requires children attend school for 180 days, with each day offering a minimum of five hours a day for grades K - 6 and six hours a day for grades 7 - 12. If research showed it would save millions of dollars to allow school districts to increase the length of the school day by 15 minutes and thus reduce the school year by 10 days would you support the change?

* 4. Of the four statements below, please mark the statement most true in your situation:

* 5. Is child care more expensive per day during the summer, during vacations scheduled during the school year or is it the same?

* 6. Is it easier to find child care during the summer vacation time or during vacations scheduled during the school year?

* 7. Should the legislature require K-12 public schools to start no earlier than a specified date? Or should each K-12 public school be allowed to begin the school year whenever they want?

* 8. When do you think the school year should begin?

* 9. When do you believe the school year should end?

* 10. Please mark all statements that apply:

* 11. Would you support legislation setting a school start date no earlier than the 4th Monday in August if it meant the school year would end no later than the first week in June?

* 12. Please mark all that apply: