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The Association of Investors for Sustainable Development  (VBDO) with support of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is currently assessing the feasibility of an international sustainability benchmark in the financial sector. The goal of these benchmarks is to stimulate financial institutions in enhancing their sustainability performance.

A benchmark allows financial institutions to compare key metrics to their peers in the industry. Benchmarks can compare the overall sustainability performance of financial institutions as well as focus on a specific theme, such as VBDO’s tax transparency benchmark among stock listed companies.

This feasibility study aims to identify in which financial sub-sector and on which theme a benchmark will be most effective to enhance sustainability performance. The result of this first phase of the feasibility study is the selection of three financial sub-sectors / theme combinations for which we will subsequently conduct an extensive consultation with key stakeholders to assess more in-depth how an effective benchmark could be constructed.

An important part of this study is the consultation of a wide group of stakeholders, including financial institutions, academics, governments and the civil society, through a questionnaire and stakeholder meetings.

We cordially invite you to participate in this unique initiative. The questionnaire should take no more than 10 minutes of your time. Please respond before 6 November.

Your input is greatly appreciated. The questionnaire results will be anonymous information only, and you will not be identifiable in any published results.