Group Discount Questionnaire

Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway
January 12-15, 2018
With Special Guests Stephen Dunn & Gregory Pardlo
Stockton Seaview Hotel, Galloway, NJ

Thanks for coordinating your group's registration. Please answer the following questions and after all of your members register we will process your discount, no later than Dec. 31.

Discounts for Groups of 3 or More (Writing or student groups)

The Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway is a great event for groups to attend. In addition to our "Early Bard" and "re-PETER" Discounts, a special $50 Group Discount on tuition is available for each member of a group of 3 or more writers who registers. The group leader who coordinates the registrations will receive a larger discount for her or his efforts: $75 when 3 members register (including the group leader) plus $25 for each additional member who registers.

How to Register Your Group
1) Have each member register online or by mail: <>. Make sure everyone registers promptly as workshops are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
2) Complete the survey below telling us who is part of the group.
3) After steps 1 and 2 are complete, each member will receive their $50 refund no later than Dec. 31.

Group Discount Terms
- If fewer than 3 group members participate in the Getaway, none will be eligible for the Group Discount.
- Group members are also eligible for both the "Early Bard" and "re-PETER" Discounts when the criteria are met. See the Getaway Fine Print for details:
- The regular cancellation policy applies to group members. See the Getaway Fine Print for details.

"The Winter Getaway was exactly what I needed to recharge as a writer and start the year off on the right foot. From the supportive community to the Seaview atmosphere, I left feeling inspired. Now I can't wait to get back to work on the many projects I've lined up for myself. I only wish the Getaway could last all year!"
~ Cate, Pittsburgh, PA

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