* 1. Thank you for your participation in the Shelby County Quality of Life Planning Process. This Quality of Life Plan will be "Asset-Based", meaning it will be focused on our local strengths and potential to make Shelby County a great place to live. The Plan is broad-based, meaning it doesn't serve just one sector or institution, but is a set of guidelines that we can all agree will move us forward as a community. To make sure we get a representative cross section of the community, please check all of the boxes that apply to your household.

* 2. In which community do you live?

* 3. What entertainment and recreation events/ venues (in Shelby County) have you attended or visited in the past year? Check all that apply.

* 4. For which of these do you frequently travel outside of Shelby County? Please select all that apply.

* 5. Of the following current or planned projects, please rank them according to their importance to our community.

  Very Important Important Less Important Not important Not Familiar with Project/ Program
Construction of a trail along the Blue River to connect the parks and fairground
Development of Intelliplex/ relocation and expansion of Major Hospital
Workforce development and training centered on local manufacturing employers' needs
Revitalization of the historic district and the effort to support small businesses in the downtown
Improve pedestrian features and access (walkability) throughout town
Education and opportunities for healthier lifestyles
Youth sports and the attraction of large sports tournaments to Shelby County
Aesthetic improvements along Shelbyville/ Shelby County's major corridors and public spaces
Arts and Culture/ personal enrichment opportunities for all ages
Neighborhood safety
STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) programming in schools and other youth organizations
Better marketing and messaging about Shelby County/ Shelbyville

* 6. What do you feel is our community's greatest asset?

* 7. What do you feel is our greatest challenge or barrier to improvement?