* 1. How did you hear about the HelpHub? Please check all that apply

* 2. Did you use the HelpHub to find who/where to find answers this year?

* 3. If yes, how many times did you reference the HelpHub?

* 4. If you are an upper year student who had a "personal academic advisor" assigned in your first year, did you continue on with your current advisor?

* 5. How easy was it to find what you were looking for within HelpHub?

* 6. Generally speaking, did you copy your query to the HelpHub url?

* 7. Please check any section of the HelpHub that you referenced at least one time for contact information:

* 8. How easy was it for you to find the right contact person?

* 9. Once you reached out to the contact, did you receive a response back?

* 10. Was the response within a reasonable time?

* 11. What would you do to improve / change the HelpHub?

* 12. Any other comments?

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