* 1. The ACCME requires that "professional practice gaps" be identified so that educational activities can be strategically planned to close those gaps. What problems, issues, or challenges in your practice would you like to see addressed in future CME activities? (C14)

* 2. Please evaluate how well we are doing of meeting our goal of providing high quality, convenient CME activities using the following criteria:

  Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
CME activities incorporate the educational needs (knowledge, competence, or performance) that underlie professional performance gaps. (C2)
The CME activities are designed to change competence, performance, or patient outcomes.(C3)
The CME activities are centered around content that matches the learners' current or potential scope of professional activities.(C4)
The educational formats for CME activities are appropriate for the setting, objectives, and desired results of the activity.(C5)
The CME Program offers activities and educational interventions in the context of desirable physician attributes. (C6)
The CME Program actively promotes improvements in health care and NOT proprietary interests of a commercial interest.(C7)
Overall, the activities offered are scientifically sound, evidence-based, objective, and balanced. (C7)
CME Activities meet my educational needs.(C4)
Knowledge and presentation skills of faculty meets or exceeds my expectations.

* 3. How often do you apply information you acquired in CME activities in the treatment, assessment, and/or care of your patients?

* 4. What barriers have you experienced implementing changes? (C19)

* 5. Suggested topics or speakers for future CME activities:

* 6. Please tell us about yourself: