Artist & Teacher Questionnaire

Thanks for your interest in being a presenting your work our new Portal Crystal Gallery & Wellness Space opening up this September in Arlington Center, MA. The owners are Kyle Russell, of Crystal Concentrics & Nina Manolson,of While our primary retail space will be devoted to Metaphysically-Oriented Minerals, we also hope to host a series of Art exhibits, and an ongoing program of art, classes and presenters.

Please respond to the following questions, so we can learn more about you and your offerings.

* 1. Your Contact Information

* 2. Please provide the name & program (or exhibit) description of your offering. Write a few lines to a paragraph, this field expands as needed.

* 3. (Teacher/Presenters only) how long would your event be?

* 4. When would you like to offer your event?

* 5. (Teachers & Presenter only) We expect to offer free & paid programming. Are you comfortable offering your event (or some of your events) free to the public? Please specify. And if not, what would you like to charge attendees?

* 6. Tell us about your Promotional Machinery

* 7. We do not expect to be able to host everyone who applies. Please be patient and understanding, in case we do not respond immediately. When we do reach out, please tell us: what is the best method you'd like for us to use in contacting you?