1. CurlManitoba Website - General Information

Thank you for participating in our survey. This will help us create a new website that is suited better to your needs.

* 1. We would like to know what device you use to view the CurlManitoba website. Click all that apply.

* 2. Is the website user friendly with your device?

* 3. What part of the website do you visit the most?

* 4. Is it easy to find the information you are looking for? If no, what are you looking for and what would make it easier to find?

* 5. Do you agree with how the information is organized? ie. Headings, news stories, buttons on the home page

* 6. Is there anything on our website that you would like to see that either you cannot find or it is not currently published?

* 7. Competitors:
Would it be beneficial to enter the website with just event information streamlined? Ie. Electronic entry, Participant Information, Rules, Results, etc.

* 8. Club Managers:
Would it be beneficial to enter the website with just club/program information streamlined? Ie. Membership benefits, Programs available, Club Listings, etc,