If your home is within the orange circle above, then please protect your health and that of our neighbors by signing the petition below.  Here's why...

Benzene and other compounds released to the air from gas stations can increase nausea, cancer, anemia, susceptibility to infections, and low birth weight among those living within 500- to 1,000-feet.   Washington City does not require the measures adopted by other jurisdictions to protect area residents from the adverse health effects of compounds released at the pump and from underground storage tank vents of new gas stations. 

Please add your name and contact information below to join with us in urging the City Council to adopt a 500-foot public health safety zone between new gas station sites and homes, beginning with the proposed Heritage Place gas station.  This measure will guide gas stations to locations where we can enjoy the benefits these establishments provide without exposing our neighbors to harmful fumes.  An analysis by CEDS determined that the public health safety zone will not preclude new gas stations in the Washington City.  The setback would only apply to proposed - not existing -  gas stations.  

Further detail, including the science supporting these concerns, is available at the CEDS gas station webpage: https://ceds.org/gasstation/.

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* 1. Please add your name and contact information below to urge the Washington City Council to protect your neighborhood and ours from new gas station impacts.  Your contact information allows us to let you know of our progress in ensuring your home and ours are protected from the health impacts of new gas stations.

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* 2. Please share the reasons why you're concerned about the health effects of new gas stations.  This explanation is vital to showing elected officials that you are truly concerned and not signing this petition just because someone asked.