EarthCorps is in the initial stages of figuring out how to create a strong alumni network. Our first goal is to collect the information below from as many alumni as possible, this survey should take less than ten minutes. If you know of other EarthCorps alumni please share this survey with them. Thanks in advance for your time. Your answers will help us create a better experience for incoming corps members and eventually lead to more alumni opportunities. All questions are optional. This information will be used only by EarthCorps.

* 1. Contact Information-

* 2. Positions Served (check all that apply):

* 3. Year(s) at EarthCorps (ex: 2002):

* 4. Most Memorable EarthCorps Experience:

* 5. Current Work/Job, and Job title:

* 6. Briefly describe your career path since leaving EarthCorps, and how,if at all, did your EarthCorps experience help you get to where you are?

* 7. Please check if you are willing to:

* 8. Would you be interested in participating in a longer personal (by-phone) interview?

* 9. Are you interested in being on the list serve for EarthCorps updates and alumni dialogue about current issues?

* 10. Is there anything else you would like to say about what is you are doing curently, or your EarthCorps Experience?