Wentworth Leadership Institute Phase II Student Pre-assessment.

After you complete Phase II , you will be given an identical assessment to complete. The results of these assessments will chart your growth throughout all phases of the Wentworth Leadership Institute.

The purpose of this assessment is to help you gauge your skills and it's specific contents have no bearing on your completion of this phase.

Leadership is a constant process and as leaders we are always growing, As such, please take your time and be honest in gauging your abilities - only a few - if anyone - will be a "10" in any one area.

* 1. Name:

* 2. W Number (Please type complete number with "W"):

* 3. I have:

* 4. Directions: Please rate your competence level in each of the following areas at this point in time.
1=Not Competent; 10=Completely Competent

1. Having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully.
2. (of a person) Efficient and capable.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Critical Thinking (Looking at an issue from all sides; consideration of all options, components, evidence)
Problem Solving (Thought process involved in developing a solution of an issue)
Financial Management (Organizing, planning and responsible use of finances)
Vision (Ideal view of end product, seeing the big picture)
Strategic Planning (Intentionally planning for the future; planning towards your vision)
Goal-Setting (Establishing short- or long term objectives, usually incorporating deadlines and assessable factors)
Public Speaking (The ability to speak in front of a group)
Writing (Being able to articulate ideas through written word)
Listening (Hearing to understand someone's point of view)
Conflict Management (Communicating to explore issues and develop solutions)
Giving Feedback (Giving constructive criticism)
Receiving Feedback (Receiving constructive criticism and applying it in the future)
WIT Knowledge (Creed, history, campus resources)
Positive Attitude (Maintaining a positive attitude throughout)
Adaptability (Flexibility, altering plan based on circumstances)
Passion (strong feeling for work)
Achieving Goals (Reaching goals you've set for yourself, follow-through)
Professionalism (Appropriate actions, language, dress in the workplace)
Help Others Grow (Empowering and supporting others)
Awareness of Diversity (Understanding of your own diversity)
Appreciation of Diversity (Understanding and accepting different viewpoints and beliefs)
Self-Development (Strengthening strengths, improving weaknesses)
Wellness (Treating yourself well even in times of stress)
Awareness of Strengths
Awareness of Weaknesses
Life-Long Learning
Team Members
Integrity (Living according to your values)
Role Modeling
Making Unpopular Decisions (When it's best for group)
Adhering to the Student Code of Conduct (Even when not on campus)