This is some instructions about how to use this for research purposes. Privacy statement. This may end up being quite long. We will see how much is required here. 

* 1. Who are you?

* 2. What activities help improve your practice?

  Makes things worse Does not help Improves my practice Is valuable to my practice Is essential to my practice N/A
Continuing Medical Education
Committee Work
Quality Improvement work
Filling out a survey

* 3. What activities are you involved in?

* 4. How much time have you spent on the following activities in a typical week (in the last year)?

  No time Less than an hour 1 - 5 hours More than 5 hours
Quality Improvement
Clinical Time

* 5. How interested are you in the following activities?

  Not interested at all Somewhat interested Very interested
Committee Work
Quality Improvement
Local Research

* 6. What are the obstacles to doing research?

* 7. How does research affect your patients?